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Why You Should Kickoff Your Spring Cleaning With A Sewer Line Inspection

The condition of your sewer line isn’t likely something you think about, except when there’s a problem. Sewer issues are messy, expensive and in many cases, avoidable. A professional camera inspection of your sewer line can reveal minor problems so that you can stay ahead of a major dilemma.

Here’s why spring is the best time to have a plumber investigate your sewer line:


Spring is When Roots Are Most Likely Invade Your Sewer Line

Trees stretch their root deeper underground in search of nutrients, and your sewer line has a steady supply. Tiny roots penetrate hairline cracks and openings in the line to absorb water and waste. These tiny tendrils then grow to become a full-blown blockage.

If caught early during a camera inspection, we might recommend cleaning out the line by hydro-jetting. This process uses high-pressure water to clear out debris, including roots, so that sewage can flow unobstructed.


The Thawing Ground Can Cause Pipes to Shift

As the ground thaws, soil can shift which can lead to a cracked or bent sewer line. A camera inspection can reveal low areas or “bellies” in the line where debris collects, creating an obstruction.

Cracks in clay and cast iron pipes are also common this time of year. Cracks, of course, cause leaks, and leaks lead to further erosion.

This can be solved by replacing the compromised section of the line or by installing a liner around it.


Grease Build-Up Creates a Blockage

You probably put your plumbing system through the wringer over the holidays. If you weren’t careful, a whole bunch of grease and food scraps went down the drain as you prepared your holiday feasts.

This may have caused a build-up of gunk along the sides of the pipe, restricting the flow of waste.

Fortunately, hydro-jetting can blast away the sludge.

Bottom line: Make scheduling a sewer line inspection a part of your spring-cleaning routine. Doing so can prevent a major headache and save you a boatload of money in extensive repairs. To schedule an appointment with , call (631) 250-2556.


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