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Grease Pumping On Long Island

Grease traps are a necessity for commercial kitchens and businesses that need to deal with a high quantity of fats and oils. These crucial devices are vital for protecting the sewer system, as solidified grease and fat can cause damage further on down the line. While these systems passively eliminate grease waste from what is collected down your drains, they can only do this so long as they have the space to contain the grease they collect. After a while, the trap needs to be emptied with a grease trap pumping service. For fast, reliable, and sanitary grease trap clearing, make the call to the team at Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain, Inc.! 

How a Grease Trap Works

When cooking in a normal home kitchen, putting grease down the drain is not a good idea. As the grease cools, it solidifies into a sticky, fatty substance that becomes a clog. To avoid this, most people simply empty the grease into an empty can or jar, wait for it to solidify, and then throw it away in the normal trash. This process isn’t exactly feasible in a commercial kitchen, where speed and timing are of the essence, and having hot jars of grease laying around waiting to cool can be a tremendous hazard.

Grease traps allow commercial kitchens to put grease down the drain while minimizing risks. The grease enters the trap and separates from the water and other waste going down the drain. A pipe at the bottom of the trap allows separated water to flow through to a different tank, while the grease and oils that float atop the water are stuck in the trap itself. Over time, the trap fills with grease and needs to be emptied, which is usually done by inserting a hose attached to a pump through an access hole at the top of the trap.

Grease traps typically come in a variety of sizes, based on the size of the property, the anticipated level of kitchen use, and so much more. Larger grease traps will generally be able to hold more waste and need emptying less often, but emptying does take longer. The opposite is true for smaller traps.

If your grease trap is filled and you need a company who can empty it quickly and completely, call the team at Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain, Inc. at (631) 586-1200 today!


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