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Give Your Storm Drains Some TLC This Valentine’s Day

You said “I do” to your property. Whether you purchased a home or an office space fifteen years ago or just the other day—you fell in love, played your cards just right, and it became yours.

Then came the excitement. You dove in, from designing the interior to landscaping your lawn, and somewhere along the way your property began to look like the idyllic image you’ve always had in your head.

Then, on an unassuming day, came the grounding realization that your property isn’t indestructible. You had a leak, a broken appliance, a malfunctioning HVAC system, which is all that it took for you to seek out more information about protecting what you love—protecting your property and those who live or work within it.

We here at Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain believe the protection of your property is extremely important. That’s why, today, we decided to talk about your storm drains—the bad and the good.

Clogged Storm Drains—The Bad

Your storm drains do more for your property than you think. Not only do your storm drains route rainwater away from your property, but they also prevent foundational damage. So, as you can imagine, if they get cracked or clogged it’s bad news.

Cracked. Tree roots can break into your storm system, flooding your home and your landscape. Extensive water damage can ensue, causing expensive repairs and renovations.

Clogged. Leaves, dirt, and debris can accumulate within your storm drain system, creating a blockage in the line. Unmaintained storm drains can also create standing water, which puts your home or business in jeopardy for mold.

Storm Drain Cleaning—The Good

Regular storm drain cleaning will greatly reduce your chances of structural and foundational damage. Here is how storm drain cleaning is advantageous to your Long Island home:

  • Flood-Free

When your drains are cleared regularly, build-up can’t occur. Without compromising clogs, your storm system will flow freely and evacuate water from your property as intended.

  • Health Advantages

When gunk collects in an unmaintained storm drain, mold can grow. Standing water is the ideal environment for mold to foster and spread. This compromises the integrity of your home or business and can cause health implications for those inhabiting the property.


Peace of Mind

This may be the most important return on your storm drain cleaning investment—eliminating worry. Knowing that your property is safe from floodwater and potential contaminants goes a long way. Hire professional plumbers to ensure your property’s first line of defense, against rainwater, is up for the job.


We are here to maintain property protection. For professional storm drain cleaning, contact Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain at (631) 250-2556.


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