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When the rain comes pouring down, the low points of your property will be at risk for flooding. This is why storm drains are typically installed at these low points in order to carry away collected water and debris. However, as the years go by, these drains can become clogged with mud, leaves, sticks, and plenty of other materials that could form a clog that prevents the water from receding. And when the water that falls on your property has nowhere to go, your facility could be at risk for serious damage from flooding. When floods can happen in such a short amount of time, you absolutely cannot afford to be unprepared for the next major downpour or sudden storm.

At Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain, Inc., we offer storm drain cleaning and maintenance services that are designed to protect you and your property from flood risks. Whether you own a small property that needs some simple protection or your complex facility is at risk for catastrophic damage, we treat your business with the same urgency and attention to detail that you demand. That means offering fast response, reliable services, and commercial-grade solutions that can withstand the rigorous needs of day-to-day commercial use. We make it our mission to protect everything from basements and important machinery to inventory, employees, and so much more from the potential risks and dangers associated with sudden flooding. With so much riding on your storm drains and a reliable way to get rid of rainwater, make sure your property is in the hands of experienced commercial plumbers.

Is your business at serious risk of flooding due to clogged or backed-up storm drains? Call the team at Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain, Inc. at (631) 250-2556 today!

How Storm Drains Work

Storm drains are a bit different from the other drains found throughout your property. Bathroom drains, kitchen drains, and other utility drains all lead into a sewer line that then carries the collected water and waste to the public sewer system or out to the sewer or a septic processing system. Storm drains generally do not collect septic or toxic waste, and that means they can reasonably lead straight to public waterways like major rivers or the ocean without concern for pollution (this is also why it is illegal to dump in storm drains).

Storm drains are generally found around your property, and will notably be installed near the foundation or at the areas of your property where the ground level is at its lowest. Water naturally gravitates down toward low points on your property, and it will generally puddle or pool up unless the low point has some sort of a way for water to escape (like a surface drain). Because runoff water can easily pick up smaller debris and dirt like small rocks, sticks, leaves, or bits of gravel and dirt, this debris can become stuck in your storm drains, resulting in clogs that prevent them from carrying away the water that collects at your property’s low-points.

What Happens When Storm Drains Aren’t Clear?

When your storm drains are dirty and clogged, your property could be at serious risk. Collected stormwater can quickly turn into floodwaters, causing all sorts of damage to your business. Flood damage to walls and flooring are one thing (and a serious one at that), but they pale in comparison to the potential for structural damage that floodwaters can carry. Excessive flooding can cause the foundation of your building to slip or shift, resulting in potentially serious damage that can be extraordinarily expensive to repair. If you have a basement, the excess water flowing down through the soil can cause your basement to flood, particularly if your sump pump can’t keep up. Storm waters can also jeopardize your septic system, particularly if you run on a tight tank or a cesspool system. With cesspools in particular, excessive water absorbed by soils at low points can cause the tank itself to flood, and that could release sewage out all over your property, resulting in serious health violations and a nasty clean-up job. If your storm drains are clogged and you need urgent help, the team at Mangano Plumbing Sewer & Drain, Inc. is ready to help!

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